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When to Consider Automating Your Production

Automated ProductionWith technology constantly advancing, more and more businesses are realizing the advantages of automation processing. While it can be expensive to initially integrate, production expenses overtime can actually be significantly lower with manual processes. If you’re wondering whether automating your production is the right decision, here are some of the benefits of automation in manufacturing to help you decide.

Automation in Production

Automated production doesn’t directly need people involved in the operation, as all or part of the process can be completed by mechanical equipment and automated systems. While production will be automated, employees will handle the functionality of production, such as design, adjustments, supervision and monitoring the operation, rather than controlling it.  

When to Consider Automation:
  • When production volumes are increasing
  • When repeatable processing is required to ensure quality and reduce scrap
  • If employees are performing repetitive actions that can lead to injury

Here are some of the prominent ways automating production can benefit manufacturing processes.

Saves Money by Reducing Costs

There are many costs associated with manufacturing. Materials, utilities, labor, energy costs, and a variety of other assets you’ll have to pay for, which is why it’s wise to try and cut costs when possible or applicable. Automating your production allows you to reduce direct labor costs and can reduce manufacturing mistakes resulting in scrap or costly rework. While you won’t have as many employees, you can still run on a large scale and save on substantial costs in the long-run.

Increases Efficiency

Automated production machines can be programmed to complete their functions the same way every time. There’s almost no variation in the way they operate from product to product, which allows assembling to be performed uniformly and consistently. The use of automated production lines is scalable from miniaturized print circuits to automobiles, and provides a predictable output continuously, allowing time for employees to focus on more meaningful responsibilities.

Maintains Consistency

Unfortunately, due to human limitations, production quality isn’t always consistent, and manufacturing errors can be costly.  By automating production, the process can reduce manufacturing flaws, save money, and ship out a greater volume of high-quality products.

Ensures Safety in the Workplace

Implementing safety regulations at any business should be top priority, especially in production. Repetitive motion injuries, strains due to lifting, and other problems related to manual processing are costly in both lost time and liability. By automating, these problems and their related costs can be eliminated and employees used for higher level tasks. 

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