Automated Machining and Finishing/AutoBuff

Custom Machining Centers

Mitchell Machine designs and builds custom machining equipment for high volume, special or large geometry parts, and special materials such as glass, semiconductor, and carbon fiber.

Automated loading and unloading systems allow the machines to be run automatically without additional operator costs.


Special Materials and Shapes

Mitchell Machine has extensive experience in building robust machine tools for use in Optics machining and polishing, Semiconductor grinding and polishing, and carbon fiber manufacturing.

Automated Finishing

We supply various systems for parts deburring, flash removal, and polishing.

The Mitchell Machine AutoBuff is the answer for programmable, high speed, high volume finishing.

  • Safe Automated Parts Finishing
  • Higher Yields
  • Consistent Quality

Robotic Finishing Cells

Robots perform many finishing operations traditionally done by hand with greater repeatability and no repetitive motion concerns.

Complex geometries and critical finishes can be achieved with Force compliant End of Arm Tooling.

Automated Buffing Information

Mitchell Machine forms strategic partnership with leading abrasive manufacturers to apply latest advances in abrasive technology.

Machining and Finishing Application Review

We enjoy new manufacturing challenges and offer confidential, technical and budgetary reviews of your planned automation projects. Please contact our application engineers to discuss specifics of your products and processes today.

"We were both impressed and surprised at the fact that such a rough initial surface could be brought to a consistent, high gloss final finish on one machine dry run with a set of convolute wheels with no compound. In the field, the same polished, satin finish would have to be produced by skilled operators using multiple steps of abrasive products including cotton buffs, compounds and set-up wheels."

-Juan Araiza IV, Saint-Gobain Abrasives