Thinking about upgrading your existing manufacturing technology or investing in custom machinery that makes your facility more efficient? Then it’s time to speak to a professional member of the Mitchell Machine consulting team. Our consultants are industry professionals with years of experience in the industry, making them uniquely qualified to provide you with the knowledge needed to take you from start to finish in a new product launch, process automation, equipment upgrade and more. Our consultants work intuitively with our engineering team to make sure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish. Mitchell Machine provides the highest level of consulting and expertise in the field to make sure that your project is handled professionally, on spec, and on-time.

Concept Development

With new process automation, Proof of Concept design and prototyping can often determine quickly if a critical machine process will succeed.

Our in-house Design and Manufacturing capabilities provide a single source to bring your project from the idea stage to full scale production in cost effective steps.

Automation Budgeting and ROI

To best plan manufacturing expansions and automation projects, our customers contact Mitchell Machine for realistic Cost Budgets and expected ROI for new equipment and work cells.  Detailed costs for Design, Manufacture, and Installation can be provided.

Machine Upgrade Plans

Supplementing existing equipment with newer technologies like Vision Inspection and Robotic Handling are common examples of machine improvements we’ve made for many customers. 

New Controls systems with Ethernet IP can improve system performance and support manufacturing reporting and management.

“Our organizations remained diligent and collaboratively invented a rare, very specialized piece of equipment that is unequalled in our industry. Working with Mitchell Machine met and exceeded all of my expectations."

- Mark N. Borsari, President, Sanderson MacLeod, Inc.