Web Converting

Composite Machinery

Automated layup equipment utilizing Vision or Laser guided, robotic handling of material to mold tooling increases repeatability of placement, reducing scrap and labor costs. Custom lines have been developed for cylindrical forming of composites. Carbon Fiber Coating Lines prepare carbon fiber web for converting into products. Mold Tooling in steel and special alloys and Heated Mold Presses are also supplied by Mitchell Machine.

Automated Web Processing

Mitchell Machine historically provided custom converting machinery for paper and automotive tire manufacturing. In 2000, Mitchell Machine purchased the technologies of Magnat Machine Tech, expanding our efforts into automated coating systems and other custom web handling applications. Precision engineered machinery for the coating, laminating, printing, and the converting processes of the paper, film, non-woven and specialty web products.

Converting Machinery by Mitchell Machine

Typical converting machinery offered by Mitchell Machine includes:
Unwinders & Rewinders Web Coating Machinery Tension Controls
Laminating Stands
Gravure Coaters
Web Guidance Systems
Web Accumulators
Meyer Rod Coaters
Web Slitting Equipment
Calendar Roll Stands
Air Knife Coaters
Sheet Handling Equipment

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