Automation Integrators

We can help you reduce design labor times and cost to improve manufacturing efficiency. Our team of automation experts knows the right balance between designing standard machines and equipment for efficiency and customizing to meet specific needs and requirements. Mitchell Machine industrial automation and control system designs are scalable building blocks used to save valuable time and resources. In addition, our designs are sustainable and flexible for multiple purposes.

Mitchell Machine can conduct a risk assessment during the design phase to help identify and mitigate hazards to help ensure compliance, improve safety, and avoid unnecessary redesign costs.

Manufacturing Work Cells

Integrating commercially available technology into a Manufacturing Work Cell dedicated to your particular product and process is a part of nearly every machine we deliver. Standard equipment to perform processes such as pressing, dispensing, laser welding, labeling, ink jet printing, and many others are integrated with material handling, integrated controls, and custom tooling to support the customers production. In-process inspection, packing or palletizing are often the final steps in an integrated work cell.

Manufacturing Work Cells

Our decades of machine building across many industries has given us a unique ability to integrate equipment to deliver the most utility for your investment. Parallel processing, in process quality verification, and proper selection of work station components all lead to a successful integration project with near term payback.



Process Automation

Snap fitting, fastening, pressing and adhesives are typical assembly processes performed.

Verification of assembly and product inspection by machine Vision, Laser sensors, leak testing, or other sub-systems are also typical in the automation Mitchell Machine delivers.


Automation Application Review

We enjoy new manufacturing challenges and offer confidential, technical and budgetary reviews of your planned automation projects. Please contact our application engineers to discuss specifics of your products and processes today

"If you need a machine and don't buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don't have it."

- Henry Ford