Repair / Retrofit

Repair Retrofit / Rebuild

The nature of being a solutions provider is, our customer’s will come to us when they are in a bind.  Mitchell Machine loves the opportunity to take on difficult tasks that others thought impossible.  In many cases we are repairing equipment during manufacturing shutdowns.  These shutdowns are costly for our customer’s and Mitchell Machine’s ability to successfully work on time sensitive projects keeps our customers satisfied. 

Mitchell Machine as a solution provider is uniquely positioned to handle all phases of a repair or rebuild.  Our engineering department has the ability to analyze the existing design and develop a plan to bring your equipment back to original specifications.  Or create a modified design to increase the machines efficiency/capabilities. These design strength’s paired with Mitchell Machine’s ability to handle every aspect of a project is what differentiates Mitchell Machine from other machine shops or design houses.  And allows Mitchell Machine to proudly claim a solution provider.     

Mitchell’s equipment is built today with the same mindset that started this company.  Equipment meant to last and to stand up to tough manufacturing conditions.  Our custom machinery partners with the hard working individuals of New England, and abroad.

"What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done."

- Tim O'Reilly